This website follows the antics of Vampire Eve both as a character and the model who portrays her. This is an adult website and not meant for anyone under the age of 18. This is not a "Vanilla" site. It contains images and text of an adult nature and this site should not be viewed by anyone who has issues with content of an adult nature. This site contains images of women being seduced and drained. No real blood is used during filming. The necks of all the models used for filming leave the set as they entered, whole with no real puncture marks. We do not condone the spilling of blood in real life unless it is done by two committed people in a monogamous relationship. The spilling of blood in the videos inside reflect a fantasy and nothing more. If you do not like the site of blood please refrain from entering. Please do not view if your limited by the scope of your religion. We are not here to mock your beliefs but we insist to be issued the same rights you demand. If your morality will be offended by the nature of this site please do not continue.

This is the only warning you will receive regarding the content inside.